Books and essays by Teilhard in my collection.


Teilhard's complete works were first published in 13 volumes by Editions du Seuil, Paris, 1955 to 1976. 


1.    The Phenomenon of Man           Book - evolution of man towards Omega

2.    The Appearance of Man             17 essays inc. The Singularities of the Human Species

3.    The Vision of the  Past               21 essays inc. The Face of the Earth, Man's Place in the Universe

4.    The Divine Milieu                        Book - essay on the interior life.

5.    The Future of Man                      22 essays inc. Life and the Planets

6.    Human Energy                           6 essays inc. Love, a Higher Form of Human Energy

7.    Activation of Energy                   28 essays inc The Zest for Living, The Spiritual Energy of Suffering

8.    Man's Place in Nature               Book, 5 essays inc. The Appearance of Man

9.    Science and Christ                   19 essays inc. My Universe, The Phenomenon of Man

10.  Christianity and Evolution         19 essays inc. How I Believe

11.  Toward the Future                    13 essays inc. My Fundamental Vision, The Evolution of Chastity

12.  Writings in Time of War           13 essays inc. Cosmic Life, The Eternal Feminine, Forma  Christi

13.  The Heart of Matter                 20 essays inc. The Heart of Matter, The Christic, The Mass on the World


Letters of Teilhard de Chardin

1. The Making of a Mind - Letters from a Soldier Priest (1914 - 1919) - to cousin Mlle. Teillard-Chambron

2. Letters From a Traveller -  (1923 - 1955) to cousin, brother, friends.

3. Letters to Leontine Zanta -  (1923 - 1939, 127 pp)

4. Letters to Two Friends -  (1926 - 1952)

5. Letters of Teilhard de Chardin and Lucile Swan  (Georgetown Univ. Press, 1993, 340pp)

6. Letters from my Friend, Teilhard de Chardin, 1948-1955  (Paulist Press, 1980, 216pp)

7. Letters from Paris, 1912-1914, intro by Henri de Lubak  (1967, 157 pp)

8. Letters from Egypt, 1905-1908 (to his parents, 256 pp)

9. Letters from Hastings, 1908-1912  (206 pp)
10. Correspondence: Maurice Blondel and Teilhard de Chardin


Extracts from the writings of Teilhard de Chardin

1.  Selected Writings,  Modern Spiritual Masters Series -  selected by Ursula King

2.  On Suffering

3.  Let Me Explain - compiled by Jean-Pierre Demoulin

4.  Teilhard de Chardin, Reconciliation in Christ - selected by Jean Maalouf

5.  Hymn of the Universe - Mystical meditations and poems. 


Biographies of Teilhard de Chardin

1. Teilhard de Chardin, a Biographical Study - by Claude Cuenot, 1965, 493 pp

2. Teilhard, The Man, The Priest, The Scientist -  by Mary Lucas and Ellen Lucas

3.  Spirit of Fire, The Vision of Teilhard de Chardin - by Ursula King

4.  The Life of Teilhard de Chardin - by Robert Speaight, 360 pp

5.  Memories of Teilhard de Chardin - by Helmut de Terra, 142 pp


Studies and Insights into the writings of Teilhard de Chardin

1.   The Religion of Teilhard de Chardin - by Henri Cardinal de Lubac S.J.

2.   The Faith of Teilhard de Chardin - by Henri de Lubac (also titled-The Man and his Meaning)

3.   The Eternal Feminine, a Study on the text - by Henri Cardinal de Lubac S.J.

4.   Teilhard de Chardin and the Mystery of Christ by Fr. Christopher Mooney S.J.

5.   An Introduction to Teilhard de Chardin by Fr. Norman M. Wilders O.F.M. Cap.

6.   Teilhard de Chardin, Scientist and Seer - by Charles Raven

7.   The Thought of Teilhard de Chardin - by Emile Rideau

8.   The Spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin - by Fr. Thomas Corbishley S.J.

9.   Science and Faith in Teilhard de Chardin - by Claude Cuenot
10. Teilhard's Mass: Approaches to "Mass on the World" - by Thomas M. King S.J. 2005

11. Teilhard Explained - by Henri Cardinal de Lubac S.J.
13. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: His Thought - by Claude Tresmontant
14.  From Science to Theology: The Evolutionary Design... - by Georges Crespy
15. Evolution: The Theory of Teilhard de Chardin - by Bernard Delfgaauw
16. Teilhard, Scripture and Revelation: Study of Teilhard's Reinterpretation of Pauline Themes - by Richard Kropf
17. The Design of Teilhard de Chardin: An Essay in Theological Reflection - by Piet Smulders S.J.
18. Teilhard de Chardin: A Critical Study - by Olivier Rabut O.P.
19. The Jesuit and the Skull: Evolution and the search for Peking Man - by Amir Aczel
20. Concerning Teilhard - by Bernard Towers

21. In the Field With Teilhard de Chardin - by George Barbour
22. Teilhard in the 21st Century - edited by Arthur Fabel & Donald P. St. John


1.   The Teilhard de Chardin Album - pictorial compiled by Jeanne Mortier and Marie Louise Auboux

2.   Meditations with Teilhard de Chardin - selected by Blanche Marie Gallagher B.V.M.

3.   Building the Earth - 1965 Dimension Books.  From various writings, translation by Noel Lindsay

4.   The Spirit of the Earth,  A Teilhard Centennial Celebration - edited by Jerome Perlinski, 9 contributors


Below are chapter heading from several of Teilhard's works listed above. These will better delineate the general substance of the material covered in the books and essays.

Chapter headings from the 13 volumes of works by Teilhard


Volume # 1 - The Phenomenon of Man - trans. by Bernard Wall, 320 pp (major book on Teilhard's scientific thought)

             (also titled The Human Phenomenon - trans. by Sarah Appleton-Weber, 281pp)  

            Introduction by Julian Huxley pg 11, Preface pg 29, Forward: Seeing, pg31

            Book One:     Before Life Came

            Book Two:     Life

            Book Three:  Thought

            Book Four:    Survival

            Epilogue:       The Christian Phenomenon

            Postscript:     The Essence of the Phenomenon of Man


Volume #2 -The Appearance of Man - trans. by J. M. Cohen, 286pp

            I      The Progress of Prehistory  (1913)

            II     Fossil Men  (1921)

            III    Paleontology and the Appearance of Man  (1923)

            IV    Sinanthropus Pekinensis  (1930)

            V      The Prehistoric Excavations of Peking  (1934)

            VI     The Pleistocene Fauna an the Age of Man in North America  (1935)

            VI     The Discovery of Sinanthropus  (1937)

            VIII   The Question of Fossil Man  (1942)

            IX     The Australopithecines and the 'Missing Link' in Evolution  (1950)

            X      The Phyletic Structure of the Human Group (1951)

            XI     Notes on South African Prehistory  (1951)

            XII    Australopithecines, Pithecanthropians and the Phyletic Structure of Hominians (1952)

            XIII   Observations of the Australopithecines  (1952)

            XIV   On the Early Bifurcation of the Human Phylum in the immediate neighborhood of its origins

            XV    The Search for the Discovery of Human Origins south of the Sahara  (1954)

            XVI   Africa and Human Origins  (1954) 

            XVII  The Singularities of the Human Species  (1954)

            Appendix:  Complementary Remarks on the Nature of the point Omega  (1954)


Volume # 3 - The Vision of the Past - trans. by J. M. Cohen, 285 pp

            I       How the Transformist Question Presents itself Today  (1921)

II      Scientific Report. The Face of the Earth  (1921)

            III     The Law of Irreversibility in Evolution  (1923) 

            IV     Hominization. Introduction to a scientific study of the Phenomenon of man. (1925) 

            V      The Transformist Paradox  (1925)

            VI     The Natural History of the World  (1925)

            VII    The Necessarily Discontinuous Appearance of Every Evolutionary Series (1926)

            VIII   The Basis and Foundation of the Idea of Evolution  (1926)

            IX      The Movements of Life  (1928)

            X       What Should we Think of Transformism?  (1930)

            XI      The Phenomenon of Man  (1930)

            XII     Man's Place in Nature  (1932)

            XIII    The Discovery of the Past  (1935)

            XIV    The Natural Units of Humanity  (1939)

            XVII   The Vision of the Past, What it Brings to and Takes Away from Science  (1949)

            XVIII  Evolution of the Idea of Evolution  (1950)

            XIX     Note on the Present Reality and Evolutionary Significance of a Human Orthogensis


            XX       Hominization and Speciation  (1952)

            XXI     A Defense of Orthogensis in Matter of Patterns of Speciation  (1955)


Volume # 4 - The Divine Milieu -  160 pp (major book on Teilhard's religious thought, 1927- 1932)

            Part One:      The Divinisation of Our Activities

            Part Two:      The Divinisation of Our Passivities

            Part Three:    The Divine Milieu


Volume # 5 - The Future of Man - trans. by Norman Denny, 319pp

            I        A Note on Progress  (1920)

            II       Social Heredity and Progress  (1938)

            III      The Grand Option  (1939)

            IV       Some Reflections on Progress,  (1941)

                        1 - The Future of Man seen by a Paleontologist

                        2 - On the Possible Basis of a Universal Human Creed

            V       The New Spirit, (1942)

                        1 - The Cone of Time.

                        2 - The "Conic" Transposition of Action

            VI      Life and the Planets, What is Happening at this Moment on Earth,  (1944)

            VII     A Great Event Foreshadowed: The Planetisation of Mankind  (1945)

            VIII    Some Reflections on the Spiritual Repercussions of the Atom Bomb  (1946)

            IX      Faith in Peace  (1947)

            X       Formation of the Noosphere, A plausible biological interpretation of human history (1947)

            XI      Faith in Man  (1947)

            XII     Some Reflections on the Rights of Man  (1947)       

            XIII   The Human Rebound of Evolution and its Consequences  (1947)

            XIV   Turmoil or Genesis?  An attempt to see clearly  (1947)

            XV    The Directions and Conditions of the Future  (1948)

            XVI   The Essence of the Democratic Idea, A biological approach to the problem (1949)

            XVII  Galileo's question restated: Does mankind move biologically upon itself? (1949)

            XVIII The Heart of the Problem  (1949)

            XIX    On the Probable Coming of an "Ultra-Humanity"  (1950)

            XX      How may we conceive and hope that human unanimisation will be realized on earth (1950)

            XXI    From the Pre-Human to the Ultra-Human: the Phases of a Living Planet (1950)

            XXII   The End of the Species  (1952)

                        Conclusion: The End of the World  (1924 - My Universe in Science and Christ)


Volume # 6 - Human Energy - trans. by J. M. Cohen, 191 pp

                      The Spirit of the Earth  (1931)

            I         Spirit or Matter

            II       The Earth and the Spirit

            III      The Spirit of the Earth

            IV      The Sense of the Earth

                        a. Love - b. Human Unity - c. Scientific Research

            V        The Future of Spirit         

            VI       The Arising of God

                 The Significance and Positive Value of Suffering   (1933)

            I        The Construction of the World

            II       The Significance of Suffering

            III      The Positive Value of Suffering

            IV      The Consequent 'Conversion' of the World's Suffering

                   Sketch of a Personalistic Universe   (1936)

            I        The Significance of the Individual

            II       The Formation of the Individual

            III      Extensions of the Personality        

            IV      The Consummation of the Personality

            V       The Energy of Personalization

                        a.  sexuality - b. The Sense of Humanity - c.  The Cosmic Sense

            VI      The Pains of Personalization

                        a.  The Pains of Plurality - b. The Pain of Differentiation               

                        c.  The Pain of Metamorphosis - d. The Shrinking of Evil

            VII     Conclusion:  The Religion of Personality

                  The Phenomenon of Spirituality   (1937)

            I         Spiritualization

                        a.  The Spirit's Present - b. The Spirit's Past

                        c.  Birth of the Spirit - d. The Future of the Spirit

            II       Personalization

            III      Moral Application

                        a  Morality of Balance and Morality of Movement

                        b  God's Spiritual Function

       Human Energy   (1937)

Introduction:  Object and Subject

I     The Nature and Dimensions of Human Energy

                        a  Elementary Human Energy:  The Human Nucleus

                        b  Total Human Energy:  The Noosphere

            II    Significance and Value of Human Energy

            III   The Future and Problem of Human Energy

            IV   The Conscious Organization of Human Energy

                        a  Organization of Elementary Human Energy:  Personalism

                        b  Organization of Total Human Energy:  The Common Human Soul

            V    The Maintenance of Human Energy and 'The Cosmic Point Omega'

            VI    Love, a Higher Form of Human Energy

                        A - Love, the Totalizing Principle of Human Energy

                        a  Totalization by Love of Individual Actions

                        b  Totalization of the Individual on Himself by Love

                        c  Totalization by Love of Individuals in Humanity

                        B - Love, the Historical Product of Human Evolution

                        a  The Phenomenon of Christianity

                        b  Towards a Christian Monism

            Appendix:  The Principle of the Conservation of Personality  (1937)

                  The Mysticism of Science   (1939)

            I        The First Outlines

                        a.  Esoterism - b. Aestheticism - c. Curiosity

            II       The Discovery of Time

            III      The Religion of Science

            IV       The Intellectual and Moral Crisis of Progress

            V         Religion in Science


Volume # 7 - Activation of Energy - trans. by Rene Hague, 416pp

            The Moment of Choice, a possible interpretation of war.  (1939)

            The Atomism of Spirit, an attempt to understand the structure of the stuff of the universe (1941)

            The Rise of the Other  (1942)

            Universalization and Union, an attempt at clarification  (1942)

            Centrology, an essay in the dialectics of union  (1944)

            The Analysis of Life  (1945)

            Outline of a Dialectic Spirit  (1946)

            The Place of Technology in a General Biology of Mankind (1947)

            On the Nature of the Phenomenon of Human Society  and its hidden relation with gravity  (1948)

            The Psychological Conditions of the Unification of Man  (1949)

            A Phenomenon of Counter-Evolution in Human Biology or the existential fear  (1949)

            The Sense of the Species in Man  (1949)

            The Evolution of Responsibility in the World  (1950)

            A Clarification: Reflections on Two Converse Forms of Spirit  (1950)

            The Zest for Living  (1950)

            The Spiritual Energy of Suffering  (1950)

            A Mental Threshold Across Our Path:  From Cosmos to Cosmogensis  (1951)

            Reflections on Scientific Probability and Religious Consequences of an Ultra-Human  (1951)

            The Convergence of the Universe  (1951)

            The Transformation and Continuation in Man of the Mechanism of Evolution  (1951)

            A Major Problem for Anthropology, is there a continuation of biological evolution in man (1951) 

            The Reflection of Energy  (1952)

            Reflections on the Compression of Mankind  (1953)

            On Looking at a Cyclotron, reflections on the folding-back upon itself of human energy (1953)

            The Energy of Evolution  (1953)

            The Stuff of the Universe  (1953)

            The Activation of Human Energy  (1953)

The Death Barrier and Co-Reflection or the imminent awakening of human consciousness to the      sense of its irreversibility  (1955)


Volume # 8 - Man's Place in Nature, The Human Zoological Group- trans. by Rene Hague, 124 pp

            I      The place and significance of life in the universe:  A self-involuting world

            II     The deployment of the biosphere, and the segregation of the anthropoids

            III    The appearance of man, or the threshold of reflection

            IV    The formation of the noosphere

                        1 - The socialization of expansion:  civilization and individuation

                        2 - The socialization of compression:  totalisation and personalisation


Volume # 9 - Science and Christ - trans. by Rene Hague, 230pp

            I        What exactly is the human body? (1919)

            II       Note on the universal Christ  (1920)

            III      Science and Christ or analysis and synthesis  (1921)

            IV      My Universe  (1924)

            V       The Phenomenon of Man  (1930)

            VI      Christianity in the world  (1933)

            VII     Modern unbelief, its underlying cause and remedy  (1933)

            VIII    Some reflections on the conversion of the world, for the use of a Prince of the Church  (1936)

            IX      The salvation of mankind, thoughts on the present crises  (1936)

            X        Super-Humanity, Super Christ, Super Charity, some new dimensions for the future  (1942)

            XI      Action and Activation  (1945)

            XII     Catholicism and Science  (1946)

            XIII    Degrees of scientific certainty in the idea of evolution  (1946)

            XIV    Ecumenism  (1946)

            XV     The religious value of research  (1947)

            XVI    Note on the biological structure of mankind  (1948)

            XVII   What is life? (1950)

            XVIII  Can biology, taken to its extreme limits, enable us to emerge into the Transcendent (1951)

XIX     Research, work, and worship  (1955)

Appendix   Letter to Emmanuel Mounier  (1947)


Volume # 10 - Christianity and Evolution - trans. by Rene Hague, 255 pp

            Note on the physical union between the humanity of  Christ and the faithful.... (1919)

            On the notion of Creative Transformation (1919)

            Note on the modes of Divine action in he universe (1920)

            Fall, redemption, and geocentrism   (1920)

Note on some possible historical representations of original sin  (1922)

Pantheism and Christianity  (1923)

Christology and Evolution  (1933)

How I believe  (1934)

Some general views on the essence of Christianity (1939) 

Christ the evolver or a logical development of the idea of redemption. (1942)

Introduction to the Christian life  (1944)

Christianity and evolution: Suggestions for a new theology  (1945)

Reflections on original sin  (1947)

The Christian Phenomenon  (1950)

Monogenism and Monophyletism:  An essential distinction  (1950)

What the world is looking for from the this moment...meaning of the Cross (1952)

The contingence of the universe and man's zest for survival  (1953)

A sequel to the problem of human origins:  The plurality of inhabited worlds  (1953)

The God of evolution  (1953)

My litany, (not Teilhard's title)  (1953)


Volume # 11 - Toward the Future - trans. by Rene Hague, 224 pp

            The sense of man  (1929)

            The road of the West:  To a new mysticism  (1932)

            The evolution of chastity  (1934)

            The function of art as an expression of human energy  (1939)

            The awaited Word  (1940)

            A note on the concept of Christian perfection  (1942)

            Reflections on happiness  (1943)

            Can moral science dispense with a metaphysical foundation  (1945)

            The spiritual contributions of the Far East    (1947)

            Two principles and a corollary  (1948)

            My fundamental vision  (1948)

            Some notes on mystical sense: an attempt at clarification  (1951)

            A summary of 'My Phenomenological' view of the world  (1954)


Volume #12 - Writings in Time of War - trans. by Rene Hague, 315 pp

            Cosmic Life  (1916)

                        I        Awakening to the cosmos

                        II       Communion with earth

                        III      Communion with God

                        IV      Communion with God through earth

            Mastery of the World and the Kingdom of God  (1916)

                        I  -  The two halves of Truth,    II - The clash,     III - Harmony

                The Struggle Against the Multitude, a possible interpretation of the form of the world (1917)

            The Mystical Milieu  (1917)

            Creative Union  (1917)

            The Soul of the World  (1918)

            The Eternal Feminine  (1918)

            The Priest  (1918)

            Operative Faith  (1918)

            Forma Christi  (1918)

            Note on the 'Universal Element' of the World  (1918)

            The Promised Land  (1919)

            The Universal Element  (1919)

                        I      Existence

                        II     The Nature of the Universal Element

                        III    The Properties of Christ, the Universal Element


Volume # 13 - The Heart of Matter - trans. by Rene Hague, 276pp

               Part  Ia - The Heart of Matter   (1950)

            Introduction:  The Burning Bush

            1.  The Cosmic or the Evolver

                      preliminary note:  The sense of plenitude

                  a      The appeal of matter

                  b      The appearance of the Universal

                  c      The discovery of evolution

            2.   The Human or the Convergent

                  a      The reality of the Noosphere

                  b      The stuff of the Noosphere

                  c      The evolution of the Noosephere

            3.   The Christic or the Centric

                      preliminary note:  The reflection or revelation of Omega Point

                  a      The Heart of Jesus

                  b      The Universal Christ

                  c      The Divine Milieu         

                  d      Toward the discovery of God, or an appeal to Him who comes.

            Prayer to the Ever-Greater Christ

            Conclusion:  The Feminine, or the Unitive

            Appendix:   1 - Christ in Matter,   2 -  The Spiritual Power of Matter (1919) 


              Part Ib - The Christic   (1955)

              Part Ic - What I believe, last page of Teilhard's diary  (1955)


                                      Part II

            Note on the essence of transformism  (1920)

            On my attitude to the official church  (1921)

            The Mass on the World (1923)

            At the wedding of Odette Bacot and Jean Teilhard d'Eyry  (1928)

            At the wedding of M. And Mme de la Goublaye de Menorval  (1935)

            My intellectual position  (1948)

            Note on the teaching of prehistory  (1948)

            The basis of my attitude  (1948)

            My Phenomenon of Man:  an essential observation  (1948)

            At the wedding of Christine Dresch and Claude-Marie Haardt  (1948)

            The scientific career of Fr Teilhard de Chardin  (1950)

            The phenomenon of man, (How can one go beyond...anthropology and establish...) (1954)

            Qualifications, career, field-work and writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1948)


                               Part III

            Nostalgia for the Front  (1917)

The Great Monad  (1918)

My Universe  (1918)

Note on the presentation of the Gospel in a New Age  (1919)

The Names of Matter  (1919)

Chronological list of works




 Hymn of the Universe  157 pp  Mystical meditations (These essays were extracted from the original 13 volumes)


  The Mass on the World

        The Offering

        Fire over the Earth

        Fire in the Earth




Christ in the World of Matter                  

       The Picture

       The Monstrance

       The Pyx


The Spiritual Power of Matter

       Hymn to Matter


Pensees – Collection of Thoughts



Chapter heading from some of the studies of Teilhard

The Religion of Teilhard De Chardin -  by Henri de Lubac, S.J. 1962, trans. by Rene Hague  380pp
            1   The essential core

            2   Le Milieu Divine                                                       

            3   Three main lines of force

            4   Christian Optimism

            5   Meditation on death

            6   The basis in tradition

            7   The Phenomenon of Man

            8   Scientist, prophet and mystic

            9   The element of novelty

            10  Evolution and freedom

            11  Nature and grace

            12  The transfiguration of the Cosmos

            13  Personalism

            14  God all in all

            15  A reversal of method

            16  Faith and intelligibility

            17  Neologisms and analogies

            18  Creation, Cosmogensis, Christogensis

            19  The legitimacy of Teilhard's extrapolation

            20  Teilhard's picture of the Christian


            1   Letters from Pere Teilhard to Pere Victor Fontoynont

            2   Extracts from 'Le Milieu mystique' and 'Forma Christi'

            3   Pere Teilhard's letters on the death of his sister Francoise

            4   Letters from Pere Joseph Marechal

            5   Pere Teilhard and the morality of intention

            6  Address by Pere Rene d'Ouince, S.J., 27 April 1955

            notes, 94 pp


The Faith of Teilhard de Chardin - by Henri de Lubac, S.J. 1964, trans by Rene Hague  206 pp

(The Man and His Meaning is the title in paperback)


            1   The formative period

            2   The decisive period

            3  "The personal God"

            4   The Divine presence

            5   The Cosmic Christ

            6  "O Christ, ever greater

            7   Spiritual ancestry

            8   The "Extensions" of the Eucharist

            9   The Virgin Mary

            10  Spiritual life

            11  Annual retreats 

            12  Defensio fidei

            13  Limitations of Teilhard;s work

            14  The Ignatian tradition

            15  In expectation of the Parousia

                        Note on the Apologetics of Teilhard de Chardin

            1   A methodological text

            2   Polyvalence of the Cosmos

            3   Faith and analogy

            4   Revelation and credibility

            5   The axis of Rome

            6   Some other interpretations


The Eternal Feminine, A study on the text, by Henri de Lubac S. J.1968, trans by Rene Hague 272 pp

            Part one - The Eternal Feminine


            1.   'In Honor of Our Lady'

            2.   The three weeks of composition

                        The Poem of Love

            1.   The summary of the poem

            2.   Sources and antecedents

                        Sequel to 'The Eternal Feminine'

            1.   Teaching on love and marriage

            2.   'The evolution of chastity'

                        Dynamic Analogy

            1.   Teilhard's use of analogy

            2.   Transposition into duration

                        The Transformations of the Feminine

            1.   The history of love

            2.   Ab initio ad aeternum

                        'The Veiled Virgin'

            1.   Teilhard's symbolism

            2.   Marian Theology


   Part two  - Teilhard and the Problems of Today

      1.   The new approach

      2.   Crisis

      3.   A personal God

      4.   Jesus Christ

      5.   The Church of Christ

      6.   Tradition and Obedience

            notes, 55 pages


Teilhard de Chardin and the Mystery of Christ by Christopher Mooney S.J. 1964, 288pp

I    Modern anxiety and Christian faith - Teilhard's life as a search for unity between God and the world.

1.  The experience of anxiety

a.  reactions to death and discouragement

            b.  the search for an absolute

2.  The experience of Christian faith

            a.  a cosmic and a Christic sense

            b.  conflict between upward and forward

            c.  conclusion

II   Christianity and the outcome of evolution - The hypothesis of a convergent universe as a Christological problem.

                        1.  The level of phenomenological analysis

            a.  significance of evolution for man

            b.  significance of man for evolution

            c.  conclusion

                        2.  The level of philosophic option

            a.  guarantees for evolution's success

            b.  beginnings of a theological inquiry

            c.  conclusion     

III   The Incarnation and the Eucharist - The Body of Christ as a physical center for mankind and the material world

                        1.  The Body of Christ for Teilhard

            a.  Jesus of Nazareth as a personal center

            b.  meaning of the term, 'physical'

            c.  conclusion

                        2.  The Body of Christ for Saint Paul

            a.  physical relationship with mankind

            b.  physical relationship to the cosmos

            c. conclusion

IV   The Redemption and the Mystery of  Evil - Christ's death and resurrection as a victory over ambiguity in progress

                        1.  Physical Evil in the Context of Evolution

            a.  suffering and death as intellectual problems

            b.  suffering and death for the Christian

            c.  conclusion

                        2.  Moral Evil in the Context of Evolution

            a.  freedom, hell and redemptive grace

            b.  refusal to love and reparation by Christ

            c.  conclusion

V    The Church and the Parousia - Creation as a Christogenesis toward the final plenitude of Christ

                        1.   Christian Action in the World

            a.  participation in God's creative power

            b.  the Church as a phylum of love

c.  conclusion

            2.  The Eternal Creative Action of God

a.  creative union and pleromization

b.  the coming of the parousia

c.  conclusion

VI   Intellectual Synthesis and Theological Risk - Teilhard's thought as a catalyst towards development in Christology

                        1.   The Search for Synthesis

            a.   a personal spiritual experience

            b.   a tentative and partial experience

            c.   a Christological experience

                        2.   Three Sources of Risk

            a.   an uncompromising evolutionism

            b.   an extreme incarnationism

            c.   relation of natural to supernatural

                        3.   General conclusion

Notes, 46 pp

Bibliography, 14 pp


An introduction to Teilhard de Chardin by N. M. Wildiers - 191 pp, 1963

 preface by Christopher Mooney, S. J.


1.  Towards a Scientific Phenomenology of the Universe

2.   "An Immense Psychic Exercise"

3.  The Future Look of the Universe

4.  Religion Earthly and Religion Heavenly

5.  Cosmology and Christology

6.  Towards a New Christian Humanism


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - Modern Spiritual Masters Series by Orbis Books 1999, 173 pp - writings selected by Ursula King


Introduction - The Heart of Teilhard de Chardin's Spirituality

 1.   Discovering the Divine in the Depths of Blazing Matter

            a.   a particular way of seeing everything    HM = Heart of Matter

            b.   cosmic sense - a sense of plenitude    HM

            c.   awakening to cosmic life    HM

            d.   discovery of evolution    HM

            c.   the spiritual power of matter    HM

            d.   communion with the earth, the great mother    WTW = Writings in Time of War

            e.    immersed in God's creative action     WTW 

2.    Living in the Divine Milieu

            a.    the human being within the universe     HM

            b.    creative union: from the multiple to Omega     SC = Science and Christ

            c.    the fundamental importance of the human phenomenon    SC

            d.    the Divine Milieu and its attributes    DM = The Divine Milieu

            e.    the Divinization of activities     MD

            f.     the Divinization of passivities    MD

            g.    the Mass on the world     HM

3.    Christ in all Things

            a.    Christ as universal element     WTW

            b.    attributes of the universal Christ     SC

            c.    Super - Christ and Christ - Omega    SC

            d.    Christ's Heart - universal center of energy      HM

            e.     vision of Christ in the universe       HU = Hymn of the Universe

            f.     God's omnipresence revealed through the Person of Jesus     WTW

            g.    prayers to  the ever - greater Christ      HM

            i.     the Christified universe        HM

            j.     universal communion      DM

4.    The Awakening and Growth of the Spirit in the World

            a.    the summons of the Spirit within human aspirations     HM

            b.    feeding the zest for life within humanity     AE = Activation of Energy

            c.    God as spiritual and personal center of cosmic evolution    HE  =  Human Energy

            d.    the role of religions within the development of the world      SC & AE

            e.    the transformative power of  Christian faith     MD

            f.     transforming suffering into spiritual energy      AE & HE

            g.    finding happiness through being centered     TF = Toward the Future

            h.    the energies of love and sexual attraction    HE & TF

            i.     love and union as central to Christianity     HE & PM = The Phenomenon of Man

Postscript:  The Heart of Teilhard's Faith Questioned and Affirmed   

            a.    the religion of tomorrow:  awakening of spirit and vision of Christ     HM

            b.    love's threefold dream:  union with God through communion with the real     WTW


On Suffering -  Small book, 1974 - 120 pp.   Extracts are taken from:  Writings in Time of War, The Making of a Mind, Letters to Leontine Zanta, Science and Christ, Letters to Two Friends, The Divine Milieu, and Human Energy.


Meditations With Teilhard de Chardin -  1988, 154 pp - selections chosen by Sr. Blanche Marie Gallagher B.V.M.

Forward by Jean Houston

1.    Origins

2.    Emptying

3.    Union and Creativity

4.    Compassion and Celebration


Let Me Explain - 1966, 192 pp - Texts selected and arranged by Jean-Pierre Demoulin.  Translated by Rene Hague, others. Good introduction to Teilhard's thought.

         I - Phenomenology

1.   Seeing

2.  The Vision of the Past

3.   The Phenomenon of Man

4.  the Future of Man

5.  The Activation of Human Energy

6.  Conclusion:  A Summary of my Phenomenological Views


          II - Apologetics

1.  The Attributes of  Omega Point

2.  Evolutionary Creation and the Expectation of as Revelation

3.  The Christian Phenomenon and Faith in the Incarnation

4.   The Living Church and Christ Omega

5.  The Religion of Tomorrow

6.  Conclusion:  Revelation and the Christian Phenomenon


         III - Morality and Mysticism

1.  Natural Morality

2.  Mysticism

3.  The Consummation of Mysticism


The Teilhard de Chardin Album - coffee table pictorial compiled by Jeanne Mortier and Marie Louise Auboux.


Building the Earth - 1965 Dimension Books.  From various writings, translation by Noel Lindsay

1.    We must save mankind

2.    The spirit of earth

3.     Human energy

4.    Thoughts on progress

5.    On the basis of a common credo