Timeline of the Life of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

1881    May 1              Born at Sarcenat, the family estate in Orcines, close to
                                   Clermont-Ferrand, France


1899    March 20         Enters Jesuit noviciate   - Aix-en-Provence


1902    October           First year as a scholastic -Jersey          


            October           Geological field trip in Jersey    


1905    August             Leaves for Egypt for required three years teaching in Jesuit
                                    college, Cairo


1909    October           First year of theology    - Hastings


            October           Geological field trip with Pere Pellotier - The Weald; Jersey


1911    August 24         Ordained priest - Hastings


1912    October           Begins course under Marcellin Boule at the Museum of Natural

                                     History, Paris


            October           Studies phosphorites in Quercy


1914    July                  Field trip with Jean Boussac- Alpes du Dauphine


            August              Begins tertianship - Canterbury


            December        Called up for service with medical corps - Clermont     


1915    January           Stretcher-bearer in the 8th Moroccan Light Infantry


            May                 Ypres Sector   


            June                  Transfers to 4th combined regiment of Zouaves and Light


            August              Arras District   


            August 29         Mentioned in divisional orders


            September 1     Croix de Guerre


1916    January           In billets behind the line - Nieuport-Ville           


            March 24         From this date onwards drafts numberous writings


            April 24            Finishes La vie cosmique - Dunkirk sector        


1919    July                 Passes certificate in geology, Paris         


1920    March             Passes certificate in zoology,Paris


            June                Preparation of doctoral thesis in geology at the Institut


            July                  Excavations near Rheims in connection with thesis -Rheims


1922    March 22         Oral examination for doctoral thesis                  


            March 22         Assistant Professor of Geology


1923    April 6              To China via Suez, Ceylon, Sumatra, Hong Kong, Shanghai


            May                 Joins Pere Emile Licent, S.J.     - Tientsin


            June                  First field trip with Licent - Ordos


            August 6           Writes Mass on the World in the Ordos Desert


1924    April                  Field trip with Pere Licent - Eastern Mongolia


            August               Joins Professor George Barbour - Kalgan


            September        Returns to France by sea - Shanghai


            October           Resumes courses at Institut Catholique, Paris


            October           Gives retreats for students of Grandes Ecoles


1926    April                 Leaves for China with Pere Licent and Pere Lejay


            November        Drafts treatise on spirituality - Tientsin


            December        Visited by Professor Alfred Lacroix of the Museum of Natural
                                    History - Peking


1927    May-July          Field trip with Licent - Dalai-Nor (Tari N.)       


1929    February          Return to China via Jibuti and Ceylon               


            April                Accepts post as scientific adviser to Peking Geological Service.
                                   Lives with Lazarist Fathers. Works with Dr.
                                   Davidson Black and Dr. Wong Wen Hao at Chou-Kou-Tien    


            December 2     Pei-Wen-Chung, Director of Excavations at Chou-Kou-Tien,
                                    discovers the first Sinanthropus skull
                                    Chou-Kou-Tien (with C.C. Young)


1930    February          Trip with Barbour - Shensi, Shansi       


            May                 Joins Chapman Andrews expedition - Mongolia, Gobi Desert


1931    January           Trip to USA to make arrangements for Citroen expedition - 
                                    New York, Chicago


            February          Return to China via Hawaii and Japan from San Francisco        


            May 8             Joins expedition - Kalgan, Gobi Desert 


1932    January 1          With the Divine Word Fathers - Liangchow (Kansu)    


            September        Return to France for four months - Paris           


1933    February          Leaves for fifth journey to China           


            July                  Trip to USA via Pacific route - San Francisco, Washington, New York


            July                  Attends International Congress of Geology in Washington         


1934    May                 Yangtze Expedition, and trip to Central Asia with Barbour -
                                   Yangtze, Hunan, Tsinling Mts.


1935    May                  Return to France - Paris          


            September        Departure for India to join Helmut de Terra - Red Sea,


 December       To Java at invitation of Von Koenigswald -Batavia, Bandung,


1936    January             Return to China via Hong Kong and Shanghai - Peking 


1937    February          Trip to USA across Pacific via Honolulu - Philadelphia 


            April                 Return to France via Atlantic route -New York


            August 6           Leaves for China from Marseilles on board the


            December        To Burma to join Helmut de Terra - Rangoon


1938    March              Arrival in Java with Helmut de Terra; stays with Von
                                    Koenigswald - Batavia, Bandung, Surakarta, Trinil, La Solo


            May                Return to China - Peking           


            June               Begins The Phenomenon of Man


            September        Leaves for USA via Pacific route - Vancouver, New York


            November        Returns to France via Atlantic route                  


1939    June                 Return to China via USA


            August 30         Arrival in China where he stays until 1946 -       Peking 


1940    May                 Sets up Institute of Geobiology with Pere Pierre Leroy, S.J.      


            June                 Finishes The Phenomenon of Man                    


            June                 Publishes several papers on Chou-Kou-Tien    


1941    March 3           Lectures at French Embassy on 'The Future of Man as seen by
                                   a Paleontologist'


1942    November        Exposition of law of complexity - consciousness                      


1943                           Founds journal Geobiologia - Peking    


1946    May                 In France. Various activities, including lectures - Paris   


1947    June 1              Heart attack - Paris     


1948    March             Sixth trip to USA - New York


            June                Return to France - Paris


            August             Stays with his brother, Joseph    at Les Moulins 


            October           Seeks ecclesiastical approval for publication of The
                                    Phenomenon of Man and for appointment to Chair at
                                   College de France - Rome


            November        Return to France after negative response to both requests -


1949    February          Lectures at Sorbonne on Groupe Zoologique humain - Paris


            October           Attends International Congress on Philosophy of Science – Paris


1951    July                  Leaves for South Africa. Breaks journey in England, joins
                                    Barbour. Barbour flies to South Africa, Teilhard sails
                                   from Southampton - London


            August 28         Visits sites of Australopithecus, finds with Barbour and van
                                     Riet Lowe - Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kimberley,
                                      Dry Harts Valley


            October           Visits Hopefield site with Dr. J. Goodwin - Cape Town


            November        Return to USA via Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro - New York


            December        Accepts research post with Wenner Gren Foundation offered
                                   by Dr. Paul Fejos


1952    July                 Trip across USA - Chicago


1953    July                  Second South African trip                    


1954    June                 In France - Paris          


            June                 Lecture on Africa and origins of man -Paris


            July                  Visits Lascaux with Pere Leroy. Last visit to birthplace


            August              Return to USA - New York


1955    April 10            Dies on Easter Day