Acclaim for Teilhard and his Works

 ·         A great man of science and a great soul.  His work gives our generation the comprehensive view it sorely needs   -   Arnold Toynbee


·         A very remarkable work by a very remarkable man.  His influence on the world's thinking is bound to be important.   -   Sir Julian Huxley


·         The # 1 book of the year!   -  Graham Green


·         Teilhard de Chardin takes his place among the foremost of the world's great thinkers.   -  Andre Rousseau


·         The Phenomenon of Man is the boldest, most original, and profoundest synthesis of scientific and religious truths achieved by any single individual in this century.   -   Henry P. Van Dusen


·         A most extraordinary book, of far reaching significance for the understanding of man's place in the universe.   -   Abraham J. Herschel, Jewish Theological Seminary


·         The name of Teilhard de Chardin is known to millions and some people rank him as the greatest thinker-prophet of the 20th Century.   -   Henry R. Luce, Life


·         Teilhard makes us realize that the discovery of evolution does not explain the rise of man .  The fact that our universe has bred responsible human beings retains the same significance as was expressed in the story of Genesis.  Teilhard's powerful vision evokes this religious aspect of the theory of evolution.   -   Michael Polanyi


·         A fascinating and powerful presentation of the amazing fact of the emergence of man in the unfolding drama of the cosmos   -   William G. Pollard, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies


·         This will be one of the few books that will be remembered after the dust of the century has settled on many of its companions.  -  Robert Francoeur


· Aquinas of the atomic age.  His influence and impact have continued to grow and he remains the contemporary Christian thinker who speaks most tellingly to the secular mind.  -  Time magazine


·         Hymn of the Universe is as close to modern psalms as one could come: and close too, to the poetry of Donne or Hopkins or the meditations of some of the medieval mystics, except that they encompass also the world of science.  -  Book of the Month Club


·         When the dust of history settles, the name of Teilhard de Chardin will emerge as one of the most hopeful beacons of our time.  Deeply optimistic, original and bold, the great Jesuit thinker and magnificent writer adds a new chapter to the spiritual epic of mankind.  -  Romain Gary


·         It happens so rarely that science and wisdom are blended as they were in the person of Teilhard de Chardin.... There is no doubt that The Divine Milieu will remain one of the great spiritual testimonies of our time. - Karl Stern, Commonweal


·         The Divine Milieu is quite unforgettable.  It is an outpouring of devotion to God written in impressively beautiful language.  This is a unique book which could easily become a devotional classic.  -  Church Times


·         From the viewpoint of our present understanding of the universe it could be said that Teilhard is the most significant theologian since Saint Paul   -   Thomas Berry


·         Teilhard de Chardin experienced adventures such as few men of our time will ever know   -   Doubleday


·         Each fresh publication of Teilhard's work increases one's respect for the man ... his keen eye missed nothing.  -  Guardian


·         Creative thought.  It should read by all who seek purpose in the universe.  The reader cannot fail to be inspired.  -  Sunday Times


·         A deeply religious work which must find a permanent place in the treasury of mystical literature.   -  The Times Literary Supplement.


·         The force and purity of Teilhard's thought and expression ... has given the world a picture not only of rare clarity but pregnant with compelling conclusions   -   Sir Julian Huxley,  Encounter


·         ...will certainly take its place among the rare spiritual classics of the 20th Century.   -   The London Times


· insight into one of the greatest intellects of our time  -  Theodosius Dobzhansky


·         One's first reading will mark it as a classic, it cannot be overly recommended  -  Arthur A. Vogel


·         That this is a remarkable book has been attested by so many competent readers that it may be taken for granted   -   The Christian Scholar


·         A truly profound work.  It shows Father Teilhard's life as an all-embracing, pious song of love for God  -  Ave Maria


·         No reading could be more rewarding, intellectually or spiritually.  -  The Critic


·         This is fascinating stuff.  And those, especially, who are interested in the 'conflict between science and religion' cannot afford to miss Teilhard de Chardin.  -  The Lutheran


·         Rich insights from the Teilhardian synthesis make this book worth exploring for any scientist or thinker.  -  Robert. T. Francoeur S. J.


·         Father Teilhard demonstrates that science cannot find its fulfillment except in a spiritual dimension.  -  America


·         This book is a landmark in modern thought which we cannot afford to pass by.  -  Sunday Times


·         This is a great book.  Its subject is the sum of things; nothing less than God and the Universe.  -  Observer


·         Letters from a Traveller is a remarkable and rare book... The range of Teilhard's experience of travel alone makes our European world appear very local.  -  Punch


·         ...a remarkable personality of the twentieth contrary... a giant of our times  -  Harper


·         Within a decade after his death Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has gained a notoriety and renown that would have altogether amazed him during his life.  -  Christopher. F. Mooney S. J.


·         Father Teilhard's book is the most nourishing that has appeared possibly this century.  -  Commonweal


·          ... a man of rare virtue, unspoiled by success or increasing disappointments.  -  Martin C. D'Arcy


·         Teilhard's greatness lay in this, that in a world ravaged by neurosis he provided an answer to out modern anguish and reconciled man with the cosmos and with himself by offering him an "ideal of humanity that, through a higher and consciously willed synthesis, would restore the instinctive equilibrium enjoyed in ages of primitive simplicity".  -  Claude Cuenot


·         Warm, wise and engrossing.  The human and humane charm of this great scientist and deeply religious man illuminate every page.  -  Phyllis McGinley


·         One of the rare people of the contemporary world.  Only now are the spirit of the man and the originality of his works receiving the attention which they deserve.  -  F. S. C. Northrop


·         A work of major importance for science and philosophy.  -  Review of Metaphysics


·         A man of this time and a man of the Parousia...Genius is reluctant to divide greatness... Such was the genius of Pere Teilhard, who... formed one indivisible greatness.  -  Etienne Borne, Le Monde


·         The historian knows to what an extent the feeling for the cosmic scope of Christian salvation has been progressively blurred and atrophied in Western theology ... All of us, therefore, immediately appreciated, as year by year we come to appreciate even more, the wide significance of the lesson to be learnt from Teilhard de Chardin.  -  H. I. Marrou, Temoignage Chretien


·         A soaring mind capable of reading in the stony hieroglyphs of nature a  spiritual message denied to lesser men   -  Loren Eisley


·         If the development of an intellectual discipline is in great measure determined by the questions asked, then the significance of Teilhard de Chardin for Christian theology is surely the fact that he asked theologians questions they had never thought of before.   -   America


·         Among the forefathers of Vatican II everyone is familiar with the name of Teilhard de Chardin. His work has been celebrated by Christian and non-Christian alike and has achieved worldwide renown.  Henri Cardinal de Lubac

.     One of the great masters of contemporary thought – Father Arrupe, General of
      the Jesuits, 1965


.     Francis Eugene Cardinal George's master thesis in theology at the University of 
      Ottawa, Canada was, The Eschatology of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin